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What is University Malaya Grand Challenges?

University Malaya Grand Challenges (UMGC) is a program with multi, inter and trans-disciplinary research which focus on research that have global significance on national priorities. It gives priority to research with real impact to society and engage relevant stakeholders in the real sense. UMGC is an initiative to put University of Malaya at the forefront of the industries of the future, ensuring the research make a valuable contribution by spreading the technology and innovation to the country’s productivity and improving the quality of human’s life.

The GC program bring UM academic expertise and external experts who use their specialist knowledge and experience to inspire and educate the researchers to focus on global challenges. Our world is quickly moving with the development of new technology, challenges to expertise and evidence-based knowledge, the effects of climate change, continued poverty and inequality, and now the need for COVID-19 recovery. We believe that with the multi, inter and trans-disciplinary research that GC endorses, we can have a significant impact on solving these problems with our interventions.

The aims of University Malaya Grand Challenges are:

  1. To create platforms to drive research in UM from being a mere academic platform to one which will provide practical solutions to daily issues.
  2. A pioneer effort which seeks to bring  various disciplines together to provide a better understanding of issues raised through the Grand Challenges and work towards a common goal.

The UM Grand Challenge Program has been initiated in 2014, with five (5) main themes. The five (5) themes which focused on the worldwide developments which will transform our future are:
GC1: Active Ageing
GC2: World without Conflict
GC3: Eco-Resilient Cities
GC4: Sustainable Resources & Technology
GC5: Pushing Economic Borders

Each of this theme will focus on a specific problem, bringing government, businesses, and organizations across the country together to make a real difference to people’s lives. Since 2014, UMGC has been awarded RM3, 306,769 for 13 GC programs from all the 5 themes, with the collaboration of 56 UM experts.

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